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THE TRUE SPIRIT OF COMPETITION In 2010, Skins launched this advertising campaign featuring a number of elite athletes, titled Cheat Legal, which plays to the fact that SKINS give you a naturally unfair advantage. SKINS believe that athletes should handle themselves with honesty and integrity at all times. They should play hard and fair be determined and driven with the true spirit of competition. SKINS values and intolerance of doping is paramount. We don't believe it because we don't believe it's needed. Not if you've got a product that really works and you've got the research to prove it. It took us five years of testing, speaking to experts, designing and redesigning before we launched our first pair of SKINS tights. We may have got a bit faster since, but we still go through the same process with all our products. Because when you've got something that is scientifically proven to boost training and performance and speed up recovery, you just say it how it is. No hype required.