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Injinji - Spectrum Trail 2.0 Midweight crew - Timber Smal 37-40

Coola trailsockor från Injinji!
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Supercoola injinji för trail!

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Blaze trails and get a toe hold on the great outdoors in Injinji's Trail 2.0 Series-- toesocks for hiking and trail running. Featuring superior moisture management and comfort, our trail toesocks are designed to enable maximum performance to tackle all forms of terrain. These cushioned toesocks are built to handle the impact of dirt paths and rocky trails, while the double elastic cuffs keep dirt and debris out. Extra cushion doesn't mean you have to sacrifice breathability with the help of Injinji's mesh top. Whether you dream of completing the Pacific Crest Trail or trying out some local day hikes, your feet will thank you for bringing along your Injinji Trail 2.0 performance toesocks.


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