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  • Steve Prefontaine med Stop Pre t-shirt
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Skare - STOP PRE Tee

En ovanligt skön löpar T-shirt! En hyllning till Steve Prefontaine
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(OBS liten i storleken välj exempelvis M om du normalt har S).

Legendarisk t-shirt i skönt lätt material! Inget stelt tryck utan loggan är färgad direkt i tyget. Torkar extremt snabbt och du känner inte att du svettas. 

Mycket mer än bara en t-shirt. 

The story of the famous Stop Pre t-shirt was recounted in a column by Sports Editor Blaine Newnham in the July 10, 1972, issue of the Eugene Register-Guard:

Saturday it was Brian Oldfield, the colorfully competent shot putter, who added that something extra. Sunday it was a bunch of guys wearing "Stop Pre" T-shirts. "The idea was hatched during the decathlon," said Bob Hersh, a New York City attorney. "It was all in fun . . . nothing against Pre. It was just our answer to the "Go Pre" shirts and the partisan crowd here. "The shirts were made up using a silk screen process in the basement of a Eugene resident who must remain nameless."

The Eugene resident was Tom Gillespie, who turned out 26 of the "Stop Pre" shirts, one of which was worn by Gerry Lindgren while he was warming up for the 5,000 meter final. 

"We're Pre fans," said Tom's brother, John. "In fact, my brother wouldn't wear one during the race because he's such a fan. We go to all the dual meets and everything."

The magazines' managing editor, Dick Drake, apparently originated the idea."It was our intention," continued John Gillespie, "to make some T-shirts with the words 'New York Jerk' on them. We were going to have a steeplechase pit and a tape measure on the front. [ed. I guess you had to be there]. "But we were persuaded by Dick Drake and Bob Hersh to make the "Stop Pre" shirts instead. It was just for fun."

It wasn't too funny during the race when the locals discovered the group in the press box wearing the inflamatory shirts. In Pre country, that type of action can get a man in trouble.

The Go's conquered the Stop's on the track and then all was well when Prefontaine accepted one of the shirts from John Gillespie after the race.

"I can have this?" asked Pre.

"Do you want it?" replied Gillespie.

"For sure," said Pre.

They may have a better chance of Stopping Pre in a Eugene basement than they will in Munich.


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